Focus on Wealth


Attracting opportunities to improve wealth is in the sight of the Feng Shui system. With wealth comes choices and freedom and this is important to most of us.  A main criteria to be in a good position to attract wealth is your desk.  The placement of the desk preferably is with a view of the room this gives availability to opportunities that may come and importantly a wall behind your back so you have backing and support.

The main door to a home or business is known to bring in the qi carried by the people. This area is essential to be inviting as possible so it has a positive impact on those who enter the space.

According to the Bagua the South East is the direction of wealth, this area is good to be noted in the home and see if the space could be improved, this could be simple as a sweep of the floor and a declutter.

The Feng Shui system observes not only the physical forms in an environment but also the unseen energies known as qi.  Through mapping out a building called the Flying stars system this  is used  to locate the best area for placement of moving water.  Moving water is a draw card  in attracting people to the spot and it has a positive effect.

Chinese Astrology 4 Pillars of Destiny 10 year Luck cycle can reveal a persons characteristics including talents for wealth.  Insight gives power. For business launches or alike date selection for a special event is the icing on the cake for any event.

To have abundance  in ones life one must feel positive.