The metal Rat 2020 arrives on Feb 4th which is  the start of the solar spring farmers Chinese calendar.  Last year the Pig year was a Yin year, this year we are transitioning into a Yang year. The Chinese Lunar New Year will be celebrated on the 25th of January with the new moon in Aquarius. The Rat is the very first animal of the twelve and this indicates changes in law, new ideas, innovations coming to fruition and people reviewing their life what is working for them and what isn’t. The energy qualities of the Rat are cleverness, leadership, activity, observation and imagination.

The metal and water elements for 2020 are in sequence with the metal being on top showing us what is seen to the world and the cardinal water element is located underneath.

Metal is a reserved element to access it in its natural  state you need to extract it from underground. The industries in the fore front are gold, banking, financial accounting, lawyers working within the justice realm, businesses involving martial arts and junky jewellery.

In the sequence of the five elements metal produces water. Water in a healthy state will ebb and flow continually moving so these industries will take the main stage; transport  trucking businesses, shipping, boats, fishing, tourism, beverages, music and entertainment.

Water is the stronger of the two.  Individuals who favour metal and water in their 4 Pillars charts will like the vibration of the year.

The weather has been up and down, given the strength of the water element in 2020 rainfall is on the cards,  hopefully in areas that need it.

Outspokenness is the characteristics of the water Rat.

In Traditional Chinese medicine one of the eight branches in the Chinese metaphysics system the major organ that relate to the water element is the kidneys. The emotion of water is fear, positive fear is good to keep away from physical  danger other types of fear can be unnecessary, keep things in perspective and in content.  The part of the body that relates to metal is the lungs.

Rat is a Peach blossom sign a romantic social indicator for the year.  The signs that it will impact are the Rabbit, Goat and Pig. Singles can experience a love interest in 2020.

Dragon and Monkey are in alliance with the Rat they form a water structure when they all come together year, month, day or hour. These signs enjoy the competition.

The Ox is a friend of the wise Rat and the Ox is not afraid of hard work. Together they are a team!

The Horse is in clash with the Rat and this represents change for them. Traditional protection is to wear an Ox pendant that will distract the Rat away from the Horse.

The Rat signs are facing the Grand Duke the largest planet in the universe Jupiter, duplicating the year isn’t always favourable. They may need to take a back step . Best to be conservative with activities that are out of the norm.  The last Rat year was 2008,  60 years ago was the previous Metal Rat year. Famous people who are born in the Rat are Prince Charles and his son Duke of Sussex Prince Harry.

The colours for 2020 is bling, silver, gold, metallic greys, whites, blacks and navy blues.

Feng Shui 2020, the invisible force change each year and reside in a certain direction being conscious of the changes gives opportunity for our life to be lived easier. The mapping over the building is referred to as the Flying Stars.

The energy that will reside in the centre will bring the number 7 the theme for the year represents young woman, gossip, slander and robbery. Place glass vase with still water add three bamboo sticks to negate those sort of activities to occur.

The energy in the South has the sickness star residing for the year. If its the location of a main door or a bedroom remove red colours and implement metal ornaments or the traditional six Chinese coins.

The energy in the North between 5 and 350 degrees is the home of the Rat. In particular the Horse is not wise to face the direction. Best to keep quiet and leave any digging or renovating for 2021.

The energy of the East isn’t favourable. The location of the yellow Emperor, translated into current times can carry CEO influences onto the occupants they may come across bossy. Remove red colours, options to negate the energy are; add metal ornaments, 6 Chinese coins or salt cures and avoid digging and renovating in this direction.  Best to keep quiet.

Wishing readers a wonderful year 2020!


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