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Ox’s energies are officially arriving on the 3rd of February and the 2021 Chinese New Year celebrations are on the 12th which is the time of the new moon. This is a special new moon as it’s the first one for the Ox year for 2021 so why not make a wish or put your intention out to the heavens what you would like to achieve.

Prior to the 3rd of February it is a custom in Feng Shui to sweep through the house and remove the old dust so when the new energies arrive, the new qi isn’t blending with old energies.

Ox is the second animal in the ranking of the 12 animals in Chinese Astrology. Ox is level headed, stable, capable, responsible and appears to be slow in acting but Ox’s motto is if risks are to be taken being informed is a first priority.

This brings comfort in these unprecedented times after a year of COVID 19 that the energetic influences for 2021 in the new order of the world will be steered steadily. Ox is an intellectual sign and is also a caring sign.


The elements occurring this year are; Metal, Earth and some Water.

The Metal is on top earth is on the bottom, earth produces metal in the productive cycle of the elements.  The metal is yin, pure, hard and strong this year but its shininess will come through from time to time. This signifies a year that is NOT in clash and Not aggravated but when an action takes place it will be precise. Hidden water is in the background an expression of metal. This will loosen up the metal a sign that 2021 will be bring creative ideas. This type of metal has flare, brightness and elegance. The earth is accommodating and nurturing characteristic element.


Industries in the forefront that are not necessarily favourable that will have attention are;

Metal – Financial banking, financial accounting, insurance, mining, gold, jewellery, mechanical engineering, vehicles, caravans, trucks, security and justice system. Beauty consultants associated with skin care, injectors, acupuncturists, tattooist and dentistry.

Earth – Real estate, architecture, recycle centres, landfill, landscape gardeners working with concrete and rock, crystals from the earth, health care industries including feng shui consultants.

The industry that is most favourable and can be profitable is the wood element.

The writers and journalists, the tree planters, gardeners and florists, the wood furniture makers, carpenters and textile fabrics, bookshops, librarians and office supplies. Hairdressers and in particular teachers and educators too.


The past history of the previous Metal Ox year in 1961 60 years ago some news worthy events that occurred at the time was the earth tremors in the South East of Melbourne, and in Europe the erecting of the Berlin wall. Cycles can come around again. Re interpreting this latter event in 2021 the virus has caused restricitions and metaphorically it has bestowed on us, a wall.


The Chinese animals

The Oxen’s folks will be pulsating in 2021 at a higher frequency than the rest of the mere animals so Ox’s enjoy it but check in with yourself, as the yearly heavenly energy is the same as your own known as the Grand Duke.  People born in the year of the Ox are duplicating the year and the Grand Duke perceives this as an opposition. This can be interpreted as not intentionally you press people’s buttons or you may see yourself in a new frame of mind which other people are adapting too. Famous people born in the year of the Ox are; George Clooney, Julia Gillard, Barack Obama, Susan Boyle, Boy George, Monica Seles, Kieran Perkins and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Goat born people are in their clash year, change will be in the air for these guys. Checking in with yourself for health and wellbeing is a must during clash years.  They are a yin sign like the Ox therefore their pace is similar.

The Dragon and Dog born are in the group of the earth signs but are the opposite polarity to the Goat and Ox. This can be a stuck type of energy and at times in 2021 misunderstood.  Gentle exercise is always a good remedy to keep the fluidity up.

The Rooster and Snake signs are a part of the trine intellectual group in 2021. They are forecast to have an engaging year.

The Rat is a friend of the Ox therefore generally their Year will be smooth.

The Pig belongs to the same season as the Ox winter, therefore their 2021 will have a unified tone to it.

If a person is born on the day of Yin Metal (Xin -) or Yang Fire (Bing +) they will have a rapport with the Yin metal – in 2021 which is a good sign for them to have a good year.  Go to www.fengshuibetterlife.com.au click on plot your own chart and see what character is on your day master pillar.

Note: The above is a brief outline for some signs. Chinese Astrology has 8 characters in a chart for more detail forecast of how the year will pan out for you seek an astrologist.   


Feng Shui 

Feng Shui has a school of thought that time is change. The two significant direction changes in our homes and buildings for 2021 are the North and the South East directions.

The North direction has the sickness star flying in the number 2. For main entry doors it’s not supportive for wealth. For bedrooms it’s not supportive for health.  The areas of the body it relates to are the kidneys and bladder. The member of the family it can affect the most is the middle son. For remedies bring in metal ornaments and remove colours of red.

The South East has the number 5 residing in the direction. For a main door entry, the moods of the occupants’ can become bossy and stubborn and there can be health issues in the area of the body the liver and gallbladder.   The person in the family it affects most  is the middle daughter. For remedies bring in metal ornaments and remove colours of red.  If possible keep area quiet, no banging or renovation is best.



 Wishing all a healthy, postive and lucky Metal Ox year 


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