Feng Shui for a house requires, two copies of drawing plans drawn to scale. If plans aren’t accessible there are solutions for them to be obtained.

The year the house was built is required.  If the year of the building is unknown your local council is usually a good port of call to find that information out, even asking the neighbours can provide an array of information.

The age of the house is relative to the cycles of the time which is a starting point of mapping out the energies of a building. The periods are in 180 year cycles, 60 year cycles and 20 year cycles.

The cycle begins with;

The Age of 1 from 1864 to 1883, the Age of 2 1884 to 1903, the Age of 3 1904 to 1923.

The Age of 4 1924 to 1943, the Age of 5 1944 to 1963 , the Age of 6 1964 to 1983.

The Age of 7 1984 to 2004, the Age of 8 2004 to 2043 and the Age of 9 2024 to 2043.

Given that 2024 is approaching, the age of 9, our buildings will have a different feel. If renovating or designing is being factored in now to a building it would be good to consider the new age so the building’s better areas are accessible to the occupants.


Feng Shui for 15 square home-$ 480.00


Two Storey or larger houses -$580.00 

Office block/small business  -$480.00

Two visits to the property.

Decluttering Service with methods that are easy to implement.

Chinese Astrology and Date Selection

4 Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology Reading -$80.00

Date Selection- $ 80.00

Readings taken by appointment face to face or a Skype call.


Payment by Pay Pal, Credit Card or Internet Banking.