A place that feels good will entice occupants to show love and affection towards each other the other kind of love the intimate closeness between two people can be activated through the pursuer’s immediate environment.

Feng Shui has help in this area; the obvious is to look at what is seen in terms of furniture placement, ornaments and art work. For example things in pairs can invoke affection, like a generous bed with two side tables,  two ornamental birds snuggled up close together these types of visually aspects do seep through the subconscious mind.

Adding colour to the space like rose or having fresh flowers in a living room can invoke romance.

Some de cluttering is worth it as it will free up space and allow new things to come into your life.

According to the Bagua the South West sector is the direction that relates to the relationship area and this can support the occupant to be harmonious if the qi energy is nurtured.

The method of tapping the qi which translates activating and aligning the individual’s with their personal peach blossom star and the annual peach blossom location is very effective to help them along their way to be noticed or pursue their love interest.