5 Aspects to create harmony

To have a good rounded harmonious home Feng Shui has 5 aspects to focus on. They are: Relationships, Health, Helpful people, Wealth and Career. This page has some insights to Relationships.

A place that feels good will entice occupants to show love and affection towards each other.

  • Bed location needs a supporting wall if that is not possible and the bed has a window behind it have a bedhead which is high and solid, this will stop damp and provide warmth.
  • A bed placed on a wall with a toilet behind it will cause disturbance.
  • Ensuite doors to be closed.
  • Furniture with 2 of side tables and 2 lamps is an even balanced arrangement.
  • Room needs to be clean including flooring, steam clean the carpet.
  • Avoid putting things underneath the bed, the air circulation throughout the room will be fresh and dust won’t  accumulate.
  • Clean and vacuum mattress and rotate around.
  • Artwork displayed shouldn’t have images of singular people. This is not inclusive and potentially can attract a third person to the relationship.
  • Remove any form of bills or stationary items that indicate things that you must tend too.
  • Cover the television up with an easy on the eye cloth.
  • Phones, electronic equipment  are not permitted in the bedroom. Place outside the room.
  • Avoid plants they can alter the temperature in the room.
  • Fresh flowers are very romantic and have high qi place them in a room outside the bedroom.

According to the Bagua the South West sector is the direction that relates to the relationship area and this can support the occupant to be harmonious if the qi energy is nurtured.

Using Chinese Astrology a person’s peach blossom star can be obtained and then activate the direction that is applicable to them. This method of locating the qi also applies to align them for the year.