The main aspects of Chinese garden design is rockery, water, architecture and plants, in particular bamboo. This plant symbolises longevity.

Water is major part of the garden for its sound and movement either by a fountain or fish.

Feng Shui has some input into garden design as well.

The knowledge of five elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal, helps with deciding on which shape to introduce to a particular direction. Water feature placement is determined using the methods of  time and space referred as the Flying Stars.

Each year there is a 15 degree measurement  in a direction where the ground shouldn’t be disturbed or dug up, if so it can cause mishaps for the occupants.

Hedging, gates, steps, depth and flow, changes of textures and the neighbours borrowed view that impact on ones own garden are aspects that  are considered to create interest in the garden. Straight lines and  sharp corners are softened.

Sacred Geometry with its ideas of proportion and beautiful shapes is also a wonderful style to implement.