Following Dusty’s Career ……

In 2009 in the Year of the Earth Ox Dustin Martin debut in the AFL Richmond Football Club 12 years later he is still here playing at an elite level and enjoying the game. He’s strived, grown, matured, experienced personal family troubles and has come through as one of the best players in the AFL on and off the field.   A 12 year cycle has past and he is back in an Ox year this year a Metal Ox year. How will the energies of the Ox in 2021 go for Dusty?  With previous years of him and his team winning premerships 2017 the Fire Rooster,  2019 the Earth Pig and 2020 the  Metal Rat it seems if Dusty is in his best form his contribution to the team plays a huge part to a win.

Dusty’s Year Pillar is a Goat the clash animal to the Ox. He will experience changes like other people born in the Year of the Goat. It was announced the team will will have a change of Captaincy and Trent Gotcham will stand down from the role. He has been a rock of support to Dusty over the years and these two players have a good instinct for each others play, but like all things change comes and for Dusty this is one of his changes a new Captain for the team. Who will become the new Captain for Richmond? Will it will be Dusty? Apart of the Captaincy’s role is public speaking and without knowing his hour pillar it appears he has no output which is the next element that is produced from the self.  It seems that he does public speaking only when its necessary to do so. He will be a contender for Captain as its showing up in his chart for 2021.

Turning 30 years old in 2021 he will experience his Saturn return period. Which is a time in your life when you ask yourself what, where am I’m going to do next, am I on the right path for me.  He may evolve in his career and personal journey this year.

The metal element in 2021 is clashing in his wood element which signifies chopping.  Wood is the element in the body that relates back and limbs. The 10 year luck cycle he is in is combining with the Ox and increasing the weight of the metal in his chart. On a positive observation this metal also nudges favourable with his self element. So again Dusty could come through the year well. 

Summary of Chart

Dustin Martin an AFL Player for the Tigers is becoming comfortable in his own skin at the young age of 26.  He was drafted to Richmond Footy Club in 2009 (the year of  earth Ox) and debut in 2010 (the year of the wood Tiger).  He is know as one of the best midfielders in his time and he recently secured a lucrative deal with the club after other clubs were trying to woo him over to their teams.  His fans are saying,  ‘Thank goodness’  he’s staying in Tiger Land including myself.

Dusty was born on the 26/6/1991 in the year of the Metal Goat, month of the Wood Horse and day Fire Tiger, birth time unknown.


He is a strong Day master in fire.  Putting the chart in this category of strong is  represented  by the wood element and fire element.  The wood element feeds the fire. He virtually has lots in his tank.

Goat people are known for their easy going nature and don’t tend to put up resistance when challenges arise, know as the diplomats. Next to the Goat in Dusty’s chart is the Horse, these two characters are best animal friends with the Horse known to move forward and have vision. He sits on the Tiger a courageous ferocious sign which forms a team with his Horse.  When a chart has a team their potential for achieving their goal in whatever they pursue is high.

Wood in a chart wants to grow and always will move forward.  His day master is fire, fire is warm, spreads out its warming rays and is easy to like. This fire is very strong in his chart, and he has support of other people.

Dusty has a hint of Yin Metal in his chart which tones his fire down and metal represents his wealth element. His wealth is exposed in his chart which reveals his finances, which recently was public knowledge when he  secured the contract with his employer. In September, 2017  it’s the footy finals time, the elements are harmonious earth and metal and this is his Nobleman Heaven Luck which means if he asks for assistance he will get it from Heaven as well as throughout 2017 the year of the Rooster.

For the future 2018 the Year of the Dog will combine into a trio team in his chart, which will become his non favourable element, it may provoke obsessive behaviour to counter act that being with his team is a good way out and use the energy that will be strong during that time. May and June being fire element months will be his most challenging times.

Dusty’s favourable elements is water and earth.  Ironically the colours of water and earth are black and yellow which is his team’s uniform colours.