Shops, Offices and Factories

Business Plans are essential for any business but what about the site.  How does the exterior Qi flow? Can customers access your business easily? Perhaps your looking for a shop but there’s three shops to choose from.  Which shop is the better one may you ask for your business?  Is the building design of the exterior and interior layout working for you?   Are you considering a fit out? Where should the cash register go? The fitting rooms, the tea rooms……………Feng Shui can help you to make the right decisions.

What do businesses do?  Sell products or a service, have productivity, good relationships, do problem solving and decision making to mention a few.  But is that always the case? To help to keep the momentum going or strive for that Feng Shui methods can support business owners in their work.

The home office is becoming ………

Increasingly more popular, it may be a separate entity to the home, a separate room in the house or a computer in the corner of a room.  If its usage is important for example generating an  income Feng Shui with its useful methods can support individuals in their home office.