Luise has been a practicing Feng Shui consultant for 10 years.

Born in East Gippsland , Luise started life in a cramped flat until her mother and father started building their own home.

Luise would wander around the unfinished house as her parents discussed room placement, and later observed her grandparents transforming a tired, old weatherboard into a refreshing and welcoming home.

Those experiences influenced Luise when purchasing her first home and later ended up emulating her grandparents by renovating an old property including an extension, new kitchen and two bathrooms.

Luise quickly learnt that if renovating for a dysfunctional house is prolonged, serious problems arise and can put pressure on relationships.  This is when Luise discovered the magic of Feng Shui.

Luise and her husband had taste differences with respect to colour, shape and design. With mapping out directions and applying formulas, they developed a deeper understanding of each other as a family of occupants living together.  Feng Shui proved to be a solution for any problem, creating balance and harmony accompanied with the benefits of happier and productive people.

Living in the now and the uncertainty of the future at times, Luise believes Feng Shui is a useful system to apply to a office or home so all occupants feel nourished and supported.