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Feng Shui: Better Life, located in Melbourne, will assist you to achieve harmony and balance in your home.  Consulting for homes, new design, renovations, interior decorating and the garden as well as appraisals for real estate, small businesses and space clearings to invoke new energy. Additionally,  Chinese astrology 4 Pillars of Destiny readings and date selection for special events. Book now.


Feng Shui for better life …

The practice of Feng Shui is thousands years old and is a part of the Chinese Metaphysics system.  Its purpose is to enhance every aspect of your life through your surroundings.  A fundamental area is to have good land forms. Its artful ways of placement for the interior or exterior of the building is an organised and holistic way to energise a home.  

The philosophy of Feng Shui is the three trines.  Heaven, Earth and Luck.

Heaven is our birth blessing, our fate which is fixed. 

Luck is what effort we put in ourselves. 

Earth is the land and buildings where we reside.

The ancient Chinese would say,  ‘If Heaven and Earth are in harmony support and luck will come to the person.’

Feng Shui knows how inevitable change can sneak up on us and have an impact. This is the cosmology aspect of Feng Shui known as the Flying stars system that addresses time which does not stand still.  Aligning ourselves in time and space in our environment helps us with a better life.  

Chinese Astrology Four Pillars of Destiny

an investment in yourself  is time well spent 

An astrology chart is described elementally. The unravelling of an individuals chart depicts their fate which can be decided. If not obvious, research is required  into the timeline of a persons chart to determine their  favourable and non favourable elements. They could be any of the five elements fire, earth, metal, water and wood. For some individuals they have two favourable elements, some have three.

Chinese New Year is the time we hear or even celebrate the incoming energies and learn what animal the year will be. The animal sign resonates to an element and nudges into our own personal charts.  We wonder what the year will bestow on us good luck or do we need to be aware in certain areas of our lives. The system takes on board the impact of the annual energy to provide guidance to have less downs and a more balanced and up beat energy happening in ones life.    

Knowing the element for the year and how it interacts with your chart another layer is concurrently running into the system and that is the luck cycle. The luck cycle is a five to ten year period. The main topics that are addressed are health, family, relationships, career and wealth. 

Harmony means that the proportions of Yin and Yang are relatively balanced

Feng Shui has a simple refreshing approach to purposely aim for harmony for the home and in relationships.  

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