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Feng Shui: Better Life, located in Melbourne, will assist you to achieve harmony and balance in your home.  Consulting with experience in interior decorating, home organising and garden tips.  Appraisals for real estate. Chinese Astrology 4 Pillars of Destiny readings and date selection for special events.

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Feng Shui for better life …

The practice of Feng Shui is 5,000 years old and is a part of the Chinese Metaphysics system.  Its purpose is to enhance, improve and balance all aspects of our life’s through the environment. The surrounds of a building are observed to gain understanding of place, it has artful and creative ways of placement for the interior and exterior of the building.  The holistic method(s) are to energise a home with the view to support and shape occupants lives positively.   

The philosophy behind Feng Shui is the Cosmic Trinty of Heaven, Man and Earth. 

Heaven is our birth blessing, our fate which is fixed. 

Man Luck is what effort we put in ourselves. 

Earth is the land and buildings where we reside.

The principle is;  ‘If Heaven and Earth are in harmony support and luck will come to the person.’

Feng Shui takes in account that change can sneak up on us and have an impact. This is the cosmology aspect of Feng Shui known as the Flying stars system that addresses time which does not stand still.  Aligning ourselves in time and space in our environment helps us with a better life.  

Home Organising 

In the modern times we live in it’s quite easy to accumulate stuff, so much so it can become excessive.  Clutter and disorganisation play in hand together and impact our life’s in various ways that isn’t favourable.  Clearing your’e home, roof, garage will help with saying goodbye to blockages in your life and to move forward into the future with glee. It’s a vital component to obtain optimum Qi in any space. 

Chinese Astrology Four Pillars of Destiny

an investment in yourself  is time well spent 

Chinese Astrology 4 Pillars of Destiny have a specialised way of untangling a chart describing characters elementally.  The five elements are fire, earth, metal, water and wood. The flow of a chart depicts favourable and unfavourable elements, highlights cycle of time and integrates the incoming yearly energies into a reading.  The outcome can bring awareness and self empowerment. An emphasis is on health, wealth, career, creativity, sociability and relationships . 


The yin-yang view is cyclic –2021 yin year ends and begins into 2022 yang year.

The year of the Water Tiger    


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