Welcome to Feng Shui Better Life. 

The practice of Feng Shui is thousands years old and is a part of the Chinese Metaphysics system.  The poetic translation in English for Feng Shui is wind and water.  Its purpose is to give protection from strong winds to a property and to contain life force energy, which is called qi.  Its artful ways is to live in the surrounding environment and in your building harmoniously which can positively enhance your life.   

The philosophy of Feng Shui is the three trines.  Heaven, Earth and Luck.

Heaven is our birth blessing, our fate which is fixed. This accounts 20%.

Earth is the land and buildings where we reside. This accounts 30%

Luck is what effort we put in ourselves. This accounts up to 50%

The ancient Chinese would say,  ‘If Heaven and Earth are in harmony support and luck will come to the person.’

The cosmology aspect of Feng Shui known as the Flying stars is a system that addresses inevitable change. ‘Time does not stand still.’  Aligning ourselves in time and space in our environment helps us with a smoother life. 


Feng Shui – Better Life is Melbourne based and will assist you with your environmental needs to benefit occupants positively in their building in a holistic way. Consulting for  homes and new design, offices, land sighting,  appraisals for real estate, interior decorating, gardening suggestions, renovations, 4 pillars of destiny Chinese astrology and date selection.